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Aerospace Engineering Specialists

Are you looking for the most professional aerospace engineering specialists to take care of the finer points and details of your project? If this is the case, you need to call the friendly and knowledgeable team at Matt Black Systems today on +44 (0) 1202 731 731. We can give you the results and customisable service you have been looking for with competitive prices that will keep to any budget. Get in touch and let us know your requirements and discuss how we can help.

Superior Aerospace Engineering Experts

When it comes to any project involving aeronautical or aerospace vehicles and technology, it always pays to make sure you are working with the best aerospace engineering specialists available. In this respect, our aerospace manufacturing company has helped by narrowing down the number of options you should consider down to one; Matt Black Systems.

We combine a customer-focused approach with a vast pool of experience and knowledge and the latest manufacturing techniques to produce unparalleled results at competitive prices. These aspects have put us ahead of the competition, so you know that we are the aerospace engineering experts that you need for your project.

With the high level of standards our clients expect from us as aerospace engineering experts, we are persistent in pursuing the most modern, reliable, and effective manufacturing methods and equipment. We use the latest 3D modelling software to produce our digital renders of the products to ensure they are perfect before manufacturing begins. Some of the items we produce include:



All of these products are completely customisable, so whether you would like iterations of a previously designed item or a completely new version, we can help and produce exceptional results.

If you are finding that your technology is becoming obsolete or outdated and being overtaken, our refurbishments services can give you the edge you need. We will go through the whole process from start to finish, including surveys and design, project management, labour and manufacturing, and much more. Our in-house service is efficient, effective, and very fast, especially at such impressively competitive prices. Our aerospace manufacturing company has taken part in Vanguard and Trafalgar class nuclear capable submarines, Type 23 Frigate, and Puma Helicopter refurbishment projects and the results speak for themselves.

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Why Choose Our Aerospace Engineering Specialists?

Here at Matt Black Systems, we have over 45 years of experience delivering superior solutions to our clients’ projects and requirements as the leaders in aerospace engineering experts. Our company was founded in 1971 and since then we have been developing our skill set, quality of products we manufacture, and our logistics for efficient and concise transportation.

Our extensive range of integrated and personalised products is ever growing, thanks to the industry ever moving forward and needing different items from our aerospace engineering specialists.

On top of being the market leading aerospace manufacturing company, we also work with clients from the defence, security, simulation, and other markets in both military and commercial sectors.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about the capabilities of our aerospace engineering specialists or about the scope and intricacies of Matt Black Systems itself get in touch.

You can call our aerospace engineering experts on +44 (0) 1202 731 731 and we will get to grips with your specific requirements to tailor our services to you. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact us in writing by emailing us directly at or by filling out the online form on our easily navigable website. We will endeavour to reply quickly and comprehensively, so that we can move forward confidently.