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Aerospace industry in Poole

With over 30 years experience in the aerospace industry in Poole, Matt Black Systems are the most efficient and experienced independent manufacturers in the field. Our company provides clients with only the highest degree of professionalism, coupled with the latest in technological advancements in relation to Poole aerospace industry.

The leading aerospace industry Poole company

Matt Black Systems are renowned for being the top when it comes to the aerospace industry in Poole. We have achieved this through the exceptional standard that is delivered to clients via a variety of products. Each service is delivered with absolute precision and care to assist every specific need.

Whilst offering an incredibly time efficient service to the Poole aerospace industry, our elite team will do all that they can. We are equipped with the very best in modern equipment to assist your Poole aerospace industry requirements.

Instrument Panels

Matt Black Systems’ instrument panels are the first choice to assist ground and air vehicles such as the Titan tank and Tornado fighter jet.  The instrument panels feature non-illuminated and illuminated control panels coupled with modern design. Our instrument panels are the very best in the field of aerospace industry in Poole

Interior Lighting

Only designs that resemble the best in Poole aerospace industry standards are applied to the in-house manufacturing of interior lighting. Mood and special effect lighting feature a built-in state of the art temperature management, designed specifically to preserve quality. We are the leading company of interior lighting for the Poole aerospace industry.

Keyboards Aerospace industry in Poole

At Matt Black Systems, we pride ourselves on giving the best in data entry innovation. Every one of our keyboards are applied to vessels in complex and intense military environments, which make them the leading manufacturer for aerospace industry in Poole. The highly intuitive, illuminated keyboards are currently used on Hawk aircraft and Puma helicopters. As a result, we are the first choice for those within the aerospace industry Poole.

Night vision and knobs

As a leading manufacturer for Night Vision Imaging Systems and Night Vision Goggles, clients are provided with a night vision service that is completely unique to Matt Black Systems. We are at the forefront of the aerospace industry Poole for night vision and knobs. The same level of service applies to the unique development still for knobs, offering innovative design alongside consistent exceptional quality.


Our company are innovators in refurbishment delivered through project management. We deliver a cost-friendly service with no compromise on your aerospace industry Poole standard when rejuvenating your equipment.

Only skilled aerospace industry Poole personnel that work to the top industry standards will be used during the refurbishment process. Our team will provide an impeccable refurbishment services across a wide range of system manufacturing and design.

Why Matt Black Systems are the best choice

As the top manufacturer for the aerospace industry Poole, at Matt Black Systems we pride ourselves on the exceptional service offered to clients and technicians.

We specialise in all aspects of the aerospace industry in Poole, it is vital to the company that our leading principles are applied to of achieving no less than 100% are applied to every one of our business sectors.

Matt Black Systems are true investors in people and staff which make us the only choice for aerospace industry in Poole. With a diverse choice of companies to choose from within the local area, it is hard knowing who to choose. To make your decision, we have listed key reasons to choose our company above our competitors:

  • Competitive pricing on all products
  • Unmatched levels of quality
  • Direct contacts at all times
  • World class operations

Contact us

Contact Matt Black Systems today and receive the very best service for your aerospace industry in Poole needs.