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Aerospace Manufacturing Poole

Do you seek an aeronautical original equipment manufacturer (OEM)? If so, you should enlist Matt Black Systems as we are the best company for aerospace manufacturing Poole has seen. From small independent companies to large franchises, we can handle orders of any size at prices that are highly competitive. With Poole aerospace manufacturing provided by our professional team, never again will you fail to fulfil your production quotas.

The best choice for aerospace manufacturing in Poole
Aerospace Manufacturing Poole

You might be forgiven for thinking that it’s easier and more cost-effective to handle the manufacture of your aerospace components in house, however, you’d be wrong. At Matt Black Systems, we are proficient in supplying cutting-edge services for aerospace manufacturing in Poole. By outsourcing your services to our company, you’ll potentially save thousands on overhead costs.

Your team will also be free to focus on the more crucial areas of your company, such as research and development and marketing, thereby driving your business forward. To learn more about our aerospace manufacturing Poole services, read on below.

How can our Poole aerospace manufacturing professionals be of assistance?

At the core of every aircraft is an intuitive man-to-machine interface that enables pilots to operate the craft with absolute confidence. From the interior of a light aircraft to the control panels of a giant Airbus A380 900, our team possess a keen insight. Our skills and expertise enable us to carry out aerospace manufacturing in Poole to your exacting specifications.

When you contact Matt Black Systems, we will sit with you to discuss your requirements. We can recommend an item from our catalogue or, create something that is tailored to your needs. This will include a fully itemised quotation, plus a direct line to the person in charge of producing your components. Our Poole aerospace manufacturing company will work in tandem with your in-house design team to ensure the compatibility of all products.

At Matt Black Systems, our aerospace manufacturing in Poole covers a wide range of components such as:

We also offer a fully comprehensive refurbishment service, so if you have any components that you wish to restore, simply let our aerospace manufacturing Poole specialists know. Upon completion of any job, we can ensure a speedy dispatch and delivery service. As the most punctual company for aerospace manufacturing Poole has seen, we are committed to maintaining our 100% success rate for on-time completion and delivery.

If you would like to know more about our professional Poole aerospace manufacturing services, speak to a member of our team today.

What are the advantages of hiring an original equipment manufacturer?  Aerospace Manufacturing Poole

Here at Matt Black Systems, our aerospace manufacturing Poole services provide some fantastic benefits of which you can read more about below.


When it comes to providing exceptional workmanship, no other company comes close to matching our standards. Our team have spent many years honing their skills and are dedicated to exceeding our client’s expectations. We have access to specialist equipment and facilities and are able to focus our full resources on making sure that every project is up to scratch.


Setting up your own facilities to handle Poole aerospace manufacturing is a costly process that will divert resources away from other areas of your business. On top of that, you also have the added issue of hiring and training a team to handle the manufacturing process. By choosing Matt Black Systems, we handle these costs ourselves saving you money in the process.


Here at Matt Black Systems, we adhere to tried and tested techniques, which when combined with our streamlined processes ensures a quick turnaround on all projects. Whereas your team will be split between manufacturing components and producing your end-products, Matt Black Systems has no such limitations. We devote our full attention to ever OEM project to ensure that you never experience any delays.

Order size

From small one-off products to repeat large-scale orders, our team can handle the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our team can react to the growth of your business and your ever-changing requirements. As your order sizes increase, we will keep pace ensuring that there is never any disruption to your processes.

Best of all is that our aerospace manufacturing Poole services can be picked up and dropped as and when they are needed.

Why should you choose our aerospace manufacturing Poole professionals?

If you are looking for an ultra-competitive service delivered by a company who puts your best interests first, look no further than Matt Black Systems. At Matt Black Systems, we have a long and proud history in which we have firmly established ourselves as the number one choice for aerospace manufacturing in Poole. From concept and design to fabrication and delivery, our customers will enjoy an all-in-one service without the inconvenience of dealing with multiple companies.

At Matt Black Systems, we are passionate about supplying the right people for the job. Our highly motivated Poole aerospace manufacturing team receive regular training as well as performance related rewards that encourage them to take full ownership of every project. Our stringent quality control procedures make certain each product we produce meets our high standards of excellence.

If you are concerned that such a service will cost the world, you’ll be pleased to know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our lean processes enable us to offer the most competitive prices to be found anywhere in the industry. Plus, our aerospace manufacturing in Poole boasts the shortest lead times so you can be confident that your project will be completed on time and in full.

Contact us

Enlist the most reputable company for aerospace manufacturing Poole has encountered. Contact us here at Matt Black Systems today on +44 (0) 1202 731731 to find out more.

Updated on 6th March 2017.