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Aerospace Products Poole

Are you looking for a state of the art illuminated control panel? Do you need an upgrade on your aerospace equipment? Matt Black Systems has more than 30 years’ experience of providing aerospace products Poole, and the team manufacture and modify aerospace equipment to a world class standard. So whether you are looking to order from our catalogue of products or need a bespoke design, we can help. Call our specialists today on 01202 731731.

The number one aerospace manufacturing experts

From the initial design concept to dispatch, our team of leading air application specialists, provide first-class aerospace products in Poole. What’s more, our commitment to remaining at the forefront of technological advances ensures that our service is unmatched within the industry. Our team make it their mission to implement new and innovative processes in each job, to deliver the highest standard of aerospace products Poole and the wider area can depend upon.

We take design manufacturing seriously, and quality control is our primary focus from the first consultation to the final sign off. Here at Matt Black Systems, we work with our clients to pinpoint any potential areas of risk within our Poole aerospace products and their designs. We then quantify them and eliminate them through our meticulous attention to detail and tried and tested process of innovation, experimentation and prototyping.

The most innovative aerospace products Poole has to offer

Our dedication to providing revolutionary aerospace products in Poole means that we can give you the competitive edgeAerospace Products Poole within your market. From interior light systems which go beyond off-the-shelf capabilities to the refurbishment of existing applications, we offer comprehensive Poole aerospace products. Below are some of the many options available to you when you choose us at Matt Black Systems for your aerospace solutions (if you click on each of the bullet points you will find out more information about each of our products and their components):

We also offer bespoke product solutions, so contact us today for a FREE quote on your project.

Furthermore, we are exceptionally proud that our aerospace products Poole are currently being used in a diverse range of vehicles including the Hawker HS125 business jet and Puma helicopters. Our commitment to ensuring first-time results means that organisations such as Sea King, BAE Systems, Westland Helicopters, the E2C Hawkeye reconnaissance aircraft and many, many more turn to us at Matt Black Systems for exceptional quality aerospace solutions.

Our capabilities

Our purpose built facility covers more than 10,000 sqft in Poole, Dorset and allows us to operate and execute multiple manufacturing capabilities when completing each order. What’s more, you can rest assured that all of our Poole aerospace products meet industry standards when it comes to quality control. For example our cutting-edge control panels are manufactured to ISO9001:2008 standard and comply with, or surpass both international and client standards and expectations. Our manufacturing capabilities themselves are inclusive but not exclusive of the following:

There is no end to our capabilities when it comes to the finest aerospace products Poole has to offer. If you have something in mind, which we have not mentioned on our website, give our specialists a call today on 01202 731731 and we will happily discuss your options.

We make it our mission to remain at the forefront of the industry with regards to designing the very best aerospace products in Poole. Through constant communication with our technicians you can enjoy peace of mind that your air applications are being managed and constructed according to your expectations and within the agreed schedule.

Furthermore, our highly-skilled team of specialists offer a complimentary advisory service so that you can make a well-informed decision on the development of your new products or obsolescence replacements.

Our people approach to business

At Matt Black Systems, we believe the only way to compete on the world stage with our aerospace products Poole is to invest in our talented team. Every single employee in our facility is fully trained to cover all aspects of a project. From processing customer orders to each manufacturing capability, to the assembly techniques, final inspection and despatch, our individual specialists are qualified to carry out all steps of the process.

It is through this comprehensive approach to our business that we are able to eliminate any barriers within our company, maximise efficiency and exceed all your expectations when you instruct us to design and manufacture your aerospace products in Poole.

Furthermore, our close management of overheads and commitment to the reduction of waste, means that we are able to offer you the most cost-effective solutions when it comes to the prices of our Poole aerospace products.

Why choose Matt Black Systems

Matt Black Systems was established in 1971 and for more than 46 years we have been continuously expanding our expertiseAerospace Products Poole as well as ensuring we remain at the forefront of our field. Whether we are designing a keyboard system for a fleet of Sea King helicopters or managing a complete refurbishment project for a Puma helicopter, all our aerospace products Poole are completed with the utmost professionalism, innovation and the latest technology.

There are so many reasons why our clients trust us with the design and manufacture of their aerospace products in Poole, including the following:

  • A direct line to the person tasked with constructing your units
  • World-class operations from design to delivery
  • More than 30 years’ experience in the aerospace industry
  • Unsurpassable quality at every step of the process
  • Competitive prices
  • Outstanding customer service
  • The latest technology
  • An innovative team
  • Meticulous attention to detail during every stage including design and manufacture

Finally, here at Matt Black Systems, we pride ourselves in being flexible and competent within a number of other industries in addition to aerospace. Clients also instruct our first-class services for the following sectors:

  • Defence
  • Security
  • Simulation for both the military and commercial sectors.


For the highest-quality aerospace products Poole has to offer, contact one of our professional and knowledgeable team members today on 01202 731731 or email