Defence Manufacturing Poole | Aerospace Engineering in Poole | Matt Black Systems, Poole Dorset
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Defence Manufacturing Poole

If you’re looking for the best defence manufacturing Poole has to offer, look no further than Matt Black Systems. Specialising in precision engineering, we understand the importance of perfection. We will go out of our way to ensure that the finished result, no matter the complexity or size of the item you require, will exude the quality that Matt Black Systems is known for. Talk to our team today by calling 01202 731731.

Supplying the best defence manufacturing in Poole

At Matt Black Systems, we combine superior skill and exceptional knowledge with innovative design and laser technology toDefence Manufacturing Poole provide our clients with Poole defence manufacturing like no other. With the capability to handle everything in-house; from design right through to manufacturing, assembly and delivery, our customers benefit from an efficient, hassle-free service and stay-low prices.

Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Design
  • CNC Machining
  • Laser cutting and marking
  • Electronics assembly and testing
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Spraying and coating

We are passionate about delivering the best defence manufacturing Poole has to offer and encourage any company to use our services if you require the following equipment:

As part of our defence manufacturing in Poole service, all of the items we produce are precision engineered to your exact specifications and can be supplied in either one-off amounts or batches, depending on your requirements.

What can you expect from our Poole defence manufacturing process?

At Matt Black Systems we are committed to providing a consistently superior defence manufacturing Poole service. We do this by sticking to the following values:

Manufacturing your product in the shortest lead time

When it comes to defence manufacturing in Poole, the ability to be able to carry out every single step of the process in-house ensures that we provide the shortest lead times. We don’t rely on any other companies or external suppliers, so all communication happens quickly, and your product can easily be transferred from one team to the other.

Standard operations to ensure perfection first time

In order to supply the best defence manufacturing in Poole, we religiously stick by our successful step-by-step method, which ensures perfect end results are achieved every time. We work with our clients through every stage of the engineering process. We get to grips with specifications, use our innovative technology to draw up accurate representations and consult you once the prototype has been produced to ensure that you’re completely happy with the way the product is looking before we go ahead with manufacturing the required amount.

Offering the best prices

We are all about supplying the most efficient and cost-effective Poole defence manufacturing, which enables us to provide you with the best possible prices. In addition to reducing the amount of waste that is produced during each stage of the manufacturing process, we make sure each step is carried out as efficiently as possible. By doing this, we keep in check the number of hours required for manufacturing your product, which in turn, means you’re not charged unnecessarily.

Investing in our staff

When engineers start their journey with us, we make sure that their skills are at the required level in order to maintain our reputation for supplying the highest quality products.  But to ensure that we’re always improving and expanding our capabilities, we invest heavily in the development of our employees. From paying for training courses to encouraging progression through the company, happy staff equals a positive working environment, and a positive working environment equals amazing results.

Why should you choose Matt Black Systems?

As a leading independent specialist in defence manufacturing Poole, we believe the little things make us stand out from theDefence Manufacturing Poole rest.  We believe that our clients really benefit from regular contact and your project manager will always be happy to speak to you, whether it’s over the phone or a face to face meeting.

We only purchase the highest quality materials from the most reputable suppliers. That way, we know for certain that we’re producing the very best for our clients.

When you choose Matt Black Systems, you’ll discover the best defence manufacturing Poole has to offer. It’s therefore good to know that we also specialise in manufacturing for the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Simulation
  • Security
  • Military

Contact us

If you’re looking for the most reliable defence manufacturing Poole has seen, discuss your plans with our team today.