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Flight Simulator Equipment

Does your company deal in the production of flight simulator equipment? If you’re in the business of manufacturing such products and you’re looking to streamline your production and overheads, call Matt Black Systems now. Our experienced team provide a comprehensive service that will ensure your production needs are met. Call +44 (0) 1202 731731 to find out more.

Quality Flight Simulation Equipment, Affordable Prices

Here at Matt Black Systems, we have many years of experience as an original equipment manufacturer for companies ranging from aerospace to defence. While flight simulator equipment represents only a small part of our extensive portfolio, it is an area that our team are most proficient in.

From simulators that provide at least three degrees of freedom to more sophisticated ones that feature options such as Collimated displays, we’re here to facilitate your requirements. Whether you’re building simulators for commercial pilots or military pilots, each one will be built using first-class flight simulator components.

You can read more about the components that go into our flight simulator products below:

Instrument Panels

At Matt Black Systems, we supply a wide range of bespoke instrument panels with options to suit all manner of requirements. We can build-to-print our own in-house design as well as reverse engineer existing designs too. To train future pilots, the equipment must approximate what they will be using. With our flight simulator equipment; you can be certain it will be.

Interior Lighting

Interior lighting must be fully configurable to its intended purpose. Pilots must be able to fly regardless of internal lighting conditions. From mood lighting to special effects, you can expect innovative solutions that go beyond off-the-shelf parts for flight simulation equipment.


For the best tactile feel, it’s important to select the right knobs as functionality is important when flying several hundred tonnes of aeroplane. Thanks to our own in-house moulding process, we can design, create and supply knobs that are tailored to your needs. Free-issued knobs can be painted and engraved if required and a wide range of legends can be created too.


Boasting illuminated IPBs, bespoke legends, night vision variants, drip and splash protection and much more, we build switches for a wide range of applications. We can also reverse engineer existing designs too for flight simulators that are entirely bespoke.


Of course, there’s not much point in having a collection of knobs and switches if you have no idea what any of them actually does. As the best choice for flight simulator products around, our labelling service can accommodate most material grades and thicknesses. From matte and glossy to selective lacquering, screen and digital printing; we can handle it all.

You can expect precision results, and we can even incorporate variable information too – just another reason why we’re the best choice for flight simulator components!

Our Capabilities

Matt Black Systems boasts a wide range of capabilities. To ensure that you deliver your end-product on-time and to specification, we can provide the following in the creation of flight simulator equipment:

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Why Choose Matt Black Systems?

With many years of experience to call upon, you can be certain that Matt Black Systems are the go-to original equipment manufacturer. Founded in 1971, we have supplied businesses of all sizes with high-quality parts and components for more than 40 years. Thanks to our ‘Lean Business’ principles, we can supply your flight simulation equipment at ultra-competitive prices.

Our passion and commitment to our industry is one that is shared by our team. When you choose Matt Black Systems, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that you’ll have a direct line to the person handling your order. We invest in our employees and actively encourage them to familiarise themselves with all aspects of the business.

Through regular training and incentives, we encourage the very best from our team, so you can be certain of flight simulator components that have been built with care. Above all else, we’re all about keeping our customers happy. With a company target of 100% for on-time delivery, you can rest easy knowing that we will always work hard to avoid any delays to your production.


So, if you’re in the market for flight simulator equipment and would like to find out more, call Matt Black Systems today on +44 (0) 1202 731731.