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Simulation Engineering in Poole

Are you looking to invest in a first-class simulation system for your company? Then you have come to the right place. At Matt Black Systems, we combine professional expertise with innovative technology to provide the very best simulation engineering in Poole. Get in touch on 01202 731731 today to discuss your new project.

Introducing our Poole simulation engineering

Simulation Engineering in PooleWe understand how important a simulation system is in training new recruits and previously, we have provided systems for both the defence and aerospace industries.

Over the years, we have carried out some of the most complex simulation engineering Poole has seen and because our simulation systems are designed to replicate exactly the machinery or piece of equipment you’re looking to train your employees to use, we can include the following features:

  • Switches
  • Interior lighting
  • Keyboards
  • Knobs
  • Instrument Panels

All of the components used in our simulation engineering in Poole are made out of high-quality materials that are fabricated to last.

Simulation engineering Poole that all happens under one roof

It’s not just quality of material that counts. At Matt Black Systems, every step of our Poole simulation engineering process is carried out by us which means you don’t need to worry about your product going from one company to the next.

We possess some of the most innovative technologies and computer programming which, when combined with the skills of our expert engineers, ensures that every single piece of technology produced under our roof is of a superior quality.

What can you expect from Matt Black Systems?

Our simulation engineering in Poole is a start to finish service which is designed to take our clients on a journey which begins at the initial consultation and culminates in their finished product. Throughout the journey, we make sure that our clients have absolute faith in the work that we are carrying out on their project and update them at every stage. Find out more below:


When it comes to your simulation system, our simulation engineering Poole team want to make sure that we produce a like-for-like copy of the piece of machinery that you’re looking to replicate.  We will take the time to discuss your needs and come up with the initial drawings on which we will begin to base the design.

Using all the figures, data and sketches that we have collated, we’ll use our 3D parametric solid modelling technology to build an initial small-scale representation of what our simulation engineering in Poole team will build. Once you’re happy with how the model looks, we can begin to finalise all the information in a CAD file, from which many of the elements will be printed.

CNC Machining

Our CNC Machine provides the second step in our Poole simulation engineering process. With code converted from the CAD file, this clever piece of kit will cut out major parts of your new system. Software controlled, we can easily stop the machine and make any alterations at any point.

Our CNC Machine is capable of cutting out parts from various materials and has the capacity to either produce a one-off or multiple copies of the same piece.

Laser Cutting

Once the parts have been cut out, the third part of our simulation engineering in Poole process is adding the finer details. Our laser machine uses an intense beam of light, which can either be used to burn away material or engrave certain elements.  Our lasers are all computer operated and use code converted from the CAD file to produce accurate, clean shapes and lines.

Electronic/manual assembly

Once all the parts have been produced, we’ll combine the electronic components with the rest of the parts to bring together the finished product.  Our talented engineers will painstakingly piece together the parts that require putting together manually and we’ll let our machines do the rest.


Before our simulation engineering Poole team sign off your new equipment, they’ll carry out a rigorous testing program to ensure that all parts work correctly. Once we have completed the checklist, we’ll invite you to come and see your new simulation machine. If there’s anything that need’s changing, or final additions are required, our engineers will be more than happy make sure everything matches your expectations before we transport the simulation kit to your premises.

Why should you choose Matt Black Systems to manufacture your simulation equipment?

Simulation Engineering in PooleAt Matt Black Systems, we only employ the very best engineers who can prove that they have the qualifications and experience to manufacture some of the most demanding designs. In addition to making sure that our Poole simulation engineering team have the necessary background to complete the tasks set by our clients, we also invest time and money into making sure our employees are constantly learning and adapting their skills in line with new and innovative technologies.

When it comes to investing in simulation engineering in Poole, we understand that the cost can be a put-back. However, at Matt Black Systems, we want to make sure that our clients experience the best value for money. We believe that the following steps ensure that we offer the lowest prices in the industry:

  • Identifying glitches and inefficiencies before assembly begins
  • Streamline development time
  • Assess tools needed for assembly, welding, and other processes
  • All manufacturing completed under one roof
  • Every project assigned a project manager

We can guarantee that any equipment produced by our Poole simulation engineering team will be effective, efficient, well-built and engineered to harness the highest user satisfaction.

What are the benefits of choosing us?

We believe that it’s not just great prices, talented staff and modern equipment that makes us the first choice for those interested in Poole simulation engineering. When you choose Matt Black Systems, you’ll also benefit from our fantastic customer service which comprises of:

  • A direct dial number to the project manager
  • Someone to answer any questions you may have
  • Thorough in-house testing
  • Competitive prices
  • Your project completed on time

Contact us

If you’re looking for a company that specialises in delivering high-quality simulation engineering in Poole, get in touch with us today.