Aerospace Engineering Firms | Matt Black Systems, Dorset
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Aerospace Engineering Firms

Have you been searching for aerospace engineering firms that can give you a truly unique level of service? It’s good you’ve found Matt Black Systems because your search is over. Call us today on 01202 731731, and we can ascertain your requirements and provide you with the highest quality products on the market.

The Premier Firms for Aerospace Engineering

Here at Matt Black Systems, we understand that the aerospace industry is changing rapidly. We strive to deliver cutting-edge products using the latest machining and assembly methods. Aerospace engineering companies are in a constant battle with ever advancing technology utilised in the pursuit of more imaginative and effective means of travel, navigation and even warfare.

We are confident that our methods and processes put us at the cutting edge of the products we supply. Some of our products include:

  • Instrument Panels
  • Interior Lighting
  • Keyboards
  • Knobs
  • Labelling
  • Switches
  • Refurbishment and more

Self-supplying these components can be staggeringly expensive, but outsourcing to Matt Black Systems aerospace engineering firms can significantly cut your costs. We also guarantee that our products will be of superior quality, and we know you’ll be totally satisfied.

Firms for Aerospace Engineering – We’re Set Apart

We pursue perfection within our industry and are always looking to improve wherever we can. From the initial design of our components and interfaces to project management and manufacturing, you’ll always have a direct line of contact with your designated project liaison. If you’ve ever got any questions about our aerospace engineering firms, we’re just a phone call away.

We use the latest CNC machining to attain immaculate results and deliver exceptional product quality at more than competitive prices. Our machining and assembly methods are set up specifically to produce the highest quality products with the shortest lead times, so your projects can take flight a bit faster.

We will work in tandem with you to make sure that you’re getting exactly what you need from our aerospace engineering firms. Implementing the use of lean business practices, we don’t skip out on quality, but we take out unnecessary elements from all areas of our aerospace manufacturing firms.

This means that we keep costs low, whilst maintaining a solid infrastructure. This allows our products to be designed, manufactured, assembled and delivered at fractional costs, which is reflected in our prices. We are confident you won’t find better results for less money anywhere else.

The 3D design software we use is adaptable and can be used to change aspects of your design, if you decide you’d like to take a different direction. Thanks to the lean processes we have in place, changes will cause minimal delays and can be implemented quickly and efficiently. This is because we know the goals for aerospace engineering firms can change like the wind.

Night Vision from Our Aerospace Manufacturing Firms

Our night vision products are something we take pride in, here at Matt Black Systems. We deliver our products right the first time and keep it that way, which is why we maintain such excellent working relationships with all our clients.

We produce custom designed NVIS (Night Vision Imaging Systems) and NVG (Night Vision Goggles), which will give you a bespoke product. These products will be designed by our aerospace engineering firms to match your requirements to exacting standards. We can also modify panels that aren’t compatible with night vision goggles, so that they can become compatible without the need for additional external lighting.

Our night vision products can be found in many different areas of the aerospace industry. Our aerospace engineering firms have designed and manufactured NVIS lit bezels, bridges and pillar lamps that have transformed the existing instrument consoles. Our products are used to great effect in current service vehicles, such as:

  • Chinook
  • Apache
  • C130 Hercules
  • E2C Hawkeye
  • Many other aerospace and training applications

All of our products and components are designed and manufactured to ISO9001:2008 standards. Everything we create either adheres to or exceeds international and customer standards.

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    Why Us – Firms for Aerospace Engineering

    Matt Black Systems are always striving to innovate and excel past the current barriers of aerospace engineering firms. Our forward -thinking design teams love challenging themselves to come up with new and original ideas to transform aerospace interfaces and consoles.

    Our interior lighting and labelling can illuminate the world inside your aircraft, making life easier for the crew members. This can help them function as a more effective team and make the whole process safer overall.

    On top of our exceptional products and diverse range, we offer these products with customer service that can’t be surpassed by other aerospace engineering firms. Our streamlined processes allow for minimum waste and expedited manufacturing times, which is good news for everyone. Our methods are far more cost-effective than other aerospace engineering firms, and we put a lot of effort into maintaining our high standards.

    We know that people are at the heart of every company, so we invest heavily in staff training to make sure they’re up-to-date with the latest trends, manufacturing and design processes and also to improve their horizons and broaden their minds. We believe this allows Matt Black Systems to excel in every area, thanks to our incredible team.

    Why Wait? – Contact Us

    There’s no reason to wait because that would only delay your project, and keep it grounded that bit longer. Let’s get things moving, so call us today on 01202 731731.

    Our friendly team ascertain your requirements, and we will work together to find the most effective solution and take the best approach to get you sky-bound. You can also email us at or use our online form to contact us.