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Cockpit Interior Lighting

Are you looking for the industry leading manufacturer of cockpit interior lighting? Matt Black Systems is here to supply you with innovative products, unbeatable delivery times, and amazing customer service. Give us a call on 01202 731 731 to discuss our choice of products and place your first order.

Searching for Custom Cockpit Lights?

While external lights are obviously important for an aircraft to navigate and land, cockpit interior lighting will assist the pilot during the flight. Our solutions ensure visibility for all of the key tasks and will withstand any challenges.Cockpit Interior Lighting

At first, it may seem like cockpit lighting systems are quite basic and simply consist of white light bulbs for map reading and other tasks needed on the flight deck. However, the older technology is now starting to give way to fresh alternatives that Matt Black Systems specialises in.

There are many separate parts that need to be lit in a cockpit, with many small displays, switches, and annunciations requiring illumination. Four key zones require cockpit lights – the entrance, the map stowage area, the pilot’s lap, and a map reading table if a separate one is present.

Dynamic Cockpit Lighting Systems

Optional tinted lighting options are also available that may make the area look more attractive. You will be able to program this type of cockpit interior lighting to redden at dusk and dawn to simulate a sunset and a sunrise. This has been found to reduce pilot fatigue during a long haul flight.

Matt Black Systems has the in-house capabilities to design and manufacture the finest cockpit interior lighting solutions available on the market. Only with our company will you be able to enjoy all of the following guarantees:

  • Bespoke Designs to High Aerospace Standards
  • Innovative Solutions for Each Individual Client
  • Mood Lighting Options
  • Special Effects Available
  • Temperature Management Solutions
  • And Much More!

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    Why Buy Your Cockpit Lighting Systems from Matt Black Systems?

    Here at Matt Black Systems, we offer our clients professionalism, innovation, and the latest technology. We have gone from strength to strength since our founding in 1971 and built up an excellent reputation nationwide as well as a loyal client base.

    Our dedicated staff members are involved in every stage of the manufacturing process, which is unique among engineering companies. You will benefit from direct contact with the people who are actually making your cockpit lights and they would be happy to provide you with updates and answer any questions.

    With market leading levels of “on time and in full” delivery, you can put your trust in Matt Black Systems. We will be your one stop shop when it comes to the highest quality cockpit interior lighting solutions available on the market.

    While this level of quality doesn’t come cheap, we ensure that our prices stay very competitive and market appropriate. You will be hard pressed to find another manufacturer who can match our comprehensive approach.

    Any More Questions?

    Whether you’re convinced that we’re the best team for the job or you would like to ask us some questions before committing to an order, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at your earliest convenience using one of the contact methods outlined below.

    Contact Us if You Have Questions about Our Cockpit Interior Lighting

    To contact us, call our team on 01202 731 731 or e-mail your information and request for cockpit interior lighting over to You can also reach out via our online form – leave some details and we’ll get back to you promptly using your preferred method of contact.