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Dorset CNC Machining

Are you searching for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to supply you with the parts and components you need to keep your production on track? Then look no further than Matt Black Systems. Offering clients innovation, professionalism, and the latest technologies, we boast extensive capabilities that make us the go-to option for man-machine interfaces. For Dorset CNC machining services that are high-spec and affordable, call us today on 01202 731 731.

Fast and Efficient CNC Machining in Dorset

When producing equipment, vehicles, simulators, etc. it’s important to have a steady supply of parts and components on hand. If the supply chain falls short, delays will occur, deadlines will be missed, and your customers will be left dissatisfied. Here at Matt Black Systems, we ensure that your supply chain is maintained and have the capabilities to manufacture all sorts of products for companies in Dorset. CNC machining is just one of our capabilities, and you can read more about it below.

The Most Reliable Choice for CNC Machining Dorset Has to Offer

If you’re not quite sure what CNC machining is, it stands for Computer Numerical Control. Using CAD or Computer Aided Design software, a design is created, and the computer converts this into numbers.

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    These numbers can be considered as the coordinates of a graph. They effectively direct the cutter, telling the machine precisely what shape to produce. Dorset, CNC machining is one of the most accurate methods for producing products, both 2D and 3D, in a specific shape.

    So, if your company routinely relies on CNC machined parts and components, you’ll want to consider giving us a call. Perhaps you’re looking to cut costs by outsourcing, or maybe you’re unhappy with the company that currently handles your orders. In either scenario, you’ll find us to be the best option for CNC machining in Dorset.

    Our Service

    Here at Matt Black Systems, we’re proud to offer quality as well as the shortest lead times. No matter your request, you can rest assured that we can handle it thanks to our on-site axis milling machines which let us work with a variety of materials. We work from your ideas and create appropriate CAD files using state-of-the-art software before plugging these designs into our milling machines. Dorset, CNC machining provided by us can be carried out for both 2D and 3D design requests, as stated above.

    Whether you require a single unit or mass production, a one-off order or a recurring order, we have you covered. And we can ensure that you receive high-quality parts and components while helping to keep your development costs low. Plus, our software lets us make changes on-the-fly, so we can streamline our processes, helping to drive down costs even more.

    We collaborate with you entirely throughout the creative process. When asked to lend our expertise in CNC machining, Dorset customers can expect nothing less than impeccable results. To find out more, call our Dorset CNC machining specialists today on 01202 731 731.

    Proud to Provide Dorset CNC Machining Capabilities That Are Second-to-None

    At Matt Black Systems, we’re able to fulfil any requirement from design to delivery. Through our world-class operations, we can tackle all requests no matter how complex they might be. And thanks to our market-leading delivery times, you won’t be kept waiting for your order to arrive. It’s reasons like these that make us such a popular choice for CNC machining, Dorset customers.

    Every member of our team is trained, mentored, and incentivised to deliver the best possible service. We ensure that every employee is involved with each area of the business, so they are motivated to succeed at every level. When you come to us for CNC machining in Dorset, you may want to chase up the order or pose a question. You’ll receive a direct-dial number to the person overseeing your order, so you’ll always get an answer when you need one.

    When it comes to cutting costs, outsourcing is a great way to do this. You won’t have to spend money on building a manufacturing department, purchasing equipment, hiring and training new employees, etc.

    And thanks to our lean processes and ultra-competitive prices, you’ll find that budgeting with us is far easier than handling everything in-house.

    In short, reasons to choose us include:

    • World-Class Operations
    • Ultra-Competitive Prices
    • Lean Processes
    • Direct-Dial Number to Person Handling Order
    • Employees Motivated to Succeed
    A quality product produced through CNC machining in Dorset.

    Contact Us

    We really are proud to provide Dorset CNC machining services which are second-to-none. To find out more, give Matt Black Systems a call on 01202 731 731, drop us an email at, or complete our online contact form.