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James Wilson (Engravers) Ltd & Matt Black Systems

James Wilson (Engravers) Ltd & Matt Black Systems

We sent an email clarifying the matter of James Wilson (Engravers) Ltd & Matt Black Systems to our customers. If you did not receive the email or haven’t had a chance to read the email, then we have created this blog post using the same information.

MattBlack systems logoWho are Matt Black Systems and are they also James Wilson (Engravers) Ltd?

In short YES. It was decided that we would produce this short write up to make clear that James Wilson (Engravers) Ltd is the legal entity of which, Matt Black Systems is a trading name.

Who are James Wilson (Engravers) Ltd?

Our legal entity, James Wilson (Engravers) Ltd has been trading since 1971, predominantly engraving placards and labels for the Aerospace sector. We still trade as James Wilson (Engravers) Ltd but the majority of our work these days comes through Matt Black Systems.

In the early 2000’s, Matt Black Systems was born, as it was decided that we needed to capture the company’s evolution by way of a wider capability set as we no longer just engraved placards and labels. Click here to see the full range of products we offer.

Who are Matt Black Systems?

Matt Black Systems-001Matt Black Systems is a major independent specialist in the design and manufacture of man-machine interfaces for land, sea and air applications. We have developed an extensive range of integrated products across a multitude of industries, including Aerospace, Defence, Security and Simulation for both the military and commercial sectors.

Find out more about MATTBLACK Systems capabilities.