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Laser Cutting Dorset

Do you work in an industry that requires high quality, precise components to be cut using laser cutting? Dorset companies, if this is the case then you need look no further than Matt Black Systems to assist with your requirements. We can produce high quality products in almost any material, so are sure to be able to handle your requirements. To find out more about how we can help, please call us today on 01202 731 731.

Expert Laser Cutting in Dorset

Here at Matt Black Systems, we are a leading supplier to Aerospace, Defence, Space and Security markets. As such, we offer a range of services utilising state of the art technology in Dorset, laser cutting being just one such service. This service allows us to produce a high quality product/component in almost any material to be used in a wide variety of industries.

Our laser cutting, Dorset companies, is the perfect accompaniment to our machine engraving service. The state of the art laser cutting equipment we utilise supplements our unique engraving capabilities. Our equipment uses an intense beam of light instead of a rotating or vibrating tool, and this beam can vaporise an area of the surface (laser cutting).

We use high speed computers to control our lasers, ensuring we can gain greater precision and greater capacity. This leads to shorter lead times alongside a higher quality product when you hire Matt Black Systems for laser cutting in Dorset. As stated above, we can use our lasers on almost any material, so whatever you require, we can help.

Our laser cutting process uses no ink, which helps to lower the cost and impact on the environment. Plus, we create all work in-house using our own unique design capabilities. So, our Dorset laser cutting services are flexible and cost-effective, so we’re confident we can provide you with the best solutions available on the market.

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    Other Services and Capabilities Available

    Laser Cutting DorsetHere at Matt Black Systems, we are a leading supplier to many industries, and as such have cultivated a wide range of capabilities. As well as being able to provide expert laser cutting, Dorset companies can come to us for services including, but not limited to:

    • CNC Machining
    • Spraying and Coating
    • Mechanical Assembly
    • Laser Markings
    • Design
    • Electronic Assembly and Test

    Alongside the above capabilities, we can also provide bespoke product solutions, or you can choose from a range of products in the Aerospace manufacturing catalogue. These products include instrument panels, interior lighting, switches, night vision, and more.

    Regardless of the product or capability you require our expertise for, we will provide a high quality service. Simply reach out on 01202 731 731 to enquire further.

    Why Choose Us for Laser Cutting, Dorset Companies?

    Welcome to Matt Black Systems, a major independent specialist in the design and manufacture of man-machine interfaces. Founded in 1971, we have only grown in strength over the years and now offer a wide range of products and capabilities across Dorset, laser cutting included. As a company, we offer our clients innovation, professionalism, and the latest technology, so you need look no further.

    We offer an unsurpassed level of service. Throughout your project, you will be provided with direct contact with the technicians building your components. This means that you are involved throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring the end product is exactly as you require. If you have any queries regarding your laser cutting, Dorset companies, you will have quick access to your technicians; you will never be passed around between departments.

    At Matt Black Systems, we are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, high quality end products, and reliable on-time delivery. When you come to us for laser cutting in Dorset, you will always receive your product within the timeframe we quote.

    You can rest assured that with our laser cutting, Dorset clients, you will receive the highest quality at all times. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction at all times; if we achieve 99.9%, we believe we have failed.

    Contact Us

    To find out more about laser cutting, Dorset clients can call us today on 01202 731 731. Alternatively, you can send an email to or fill out our online form and we will respond soon.