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Night Vision Panels

Do you own a man-made machine interface that operates over the land, sea or air? Would you like your machine to feature night vision panels to enhance its safety while travelling at night? Then get in contact with Matt Black Systems today. We design, fabricate and install the finest night vision panels available in the industry. We are the industry leading specialist for creating integrated products that are used within the aerospace, defence and simulation industries.

Panels for night vision Night Vision Panels

Matt Black Systems offer two different comprehensive night vision panel options that clients will all benefit from. We design and fabricate both Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) and Night Vision Google (NVG). Our team will provide solutions for all new build night visions panel projects. We also have knowledge for the modification and upgrade of panels for night vision that will improve their productivity.

Our night vision panel range:

Night vision is the term given to the spectral range that allows human eyes to see things that are normally invisible. Night vision panel technology allows the viewer to see non-visible sources of electromagnetic radiation, which, in a sense, allows you to see in the dark. Whether you are travelling by a land, air or sea vehicle at night, installing night vision panels increases your ability to see, which in turn makes it safer to travel.

At Matt Black Systems, we offer a wide range of different night vision panel capabilities. All of our panels for night vision products are bespoke to your requirements and the type of machine you own. No project is ever too complex for our team, and we always ensure that your night vision panels will work perfectly for years to come. Below is a list of the range of night vision products that are popular with companies requiring perfect vision during night-time:

  • Night Vision compatibility for NVIS and NVG
  • NVIS illuminated panel manufacturing
  • A full range of NVG compatible knobs and switches, keyboards and buttons with illumination
  • NVIS compatible electro luminescent (EL) lamps
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and Incandescent Bulb lighting solutions
  • Facia compliant markings
  • Obsolescence and refurbishment options
  • Contamination, environmental, humidity, shock, temperature and vibration protection

What makes Matt Black Systems the leading provider of night vision panels

Matt Black Systems have been the leading independent specialist for aerospace products since our launch in 1971. Our team have the ability to create a multitude of products that will enhance and boost the productivity and functionality of your land, sea and air vehicle. The products that we create have been installed into a variety of man-machine interfaces, for numerous commercial and military operations.

Our company employs the leading specialists working in the industry today, and all of our team members receive regular training whenever there is a worthwhile development in the fabrication of products. We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to create all of our products, which allows us to stay ahead of other aerospace engineering companies, in terms of capability and quality of production.

Arrange your meeting with Matt Black Systems today

To begin the process of creating the night vision panels for your air, land or sea machine, get in contact with Matt Black Systems today. Speak to a member of our team on 01202 731731, and we will arrange an appointment to start the design process of your night vision panels.