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Defence equipment manufactured by Matt Black Systems

At Matt Black systems we take simulation seriously and are passionate about creating the best flight simulator equipment for the job. We know that simulators have a key role to play in both civil and military operations, so we are committed to the same high quality service as we are in all of our other sectors.

In practice, this means that we test all of our simulation products to the industry standards that are required for the real thing! See how we have delivered world class solutions for our customers here.

We can offer you bespoke product solutions or you can chose from the following products in the simulation catalogue (click on the product to view in more detail):


Simulation products manufactured by Matt Black Systems

We provide an industry leading, collaborative bespoke solution service which can incorporate our design and manufacture from concept right through to delivery.

Due to being so vigilant with our testing, we know that our simulator panels, simulator keyboards and other flight simulator equipment is of the highest possible quality.

Contact us to discuss your simulation requirements in more detail