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About Us

Get to know our company...

We offer our clients innovation, professionalism and the latest technology.

Matt Black Systems is a major independent specialist in the design and manufacture of man-machine interfaces for land, sea and air applications.

Since founding in 1971, we have developed an extensive range of integrated products across a multitude of industries, including Aerospace; Defence; Security and Simulation for both the military and commercial sectors.

Our Culture

At Matt Black Systems we offer an unsurpassable level of service. Our clients enjoy direct contact with the technicians actually building their units, together with market-leading levels of quality and on-time delivery.

Most companies implement lean manufacturing but at Matt Black Systems we have developed our own culture of the ‘Lean Business.’ Lean principles are applied across all business operations and at all levels, from concept design to despatch. Improvements and innovations are not limited to manufacturing operations alone. Our Business Management System has been developed in-house and is a unique, world-class realisation of Lean principles.

We believe that people are at the heart of any business and only by investing in people, in engaging their interest and empowering them to take control of what they do, can you unlock their full potential.

Everyone at Matt Black Systems is fully trained to cover all operations from processing customer orders and purchasing material, through manufacturing capabilities and assembly techniques and into test, inspection and despatch.

Airplane Engine

This approach demolishes internal barriers and allows our staff to take control of (and responsibility for) every unit from start to finish.

More than this, every single one of our staff are engaged in the innovation of new techniques and processes. As a result of being involved directly with every stage of the business, they benefit from the advantages innovation and change bring. This is true continuous improvement!

Our individuals are measured on a monthly basis against robust targets for Quality, Delivery, Cost, Innovation, Growth and Relationship with clients. This is not a “ticking-the-box” exercise. These measures are drawn from relevant business data and form the core of what we do. For quality and delivery the target is simple: 100%.

Matt Black Systems have an extensive scheme of staff support through mentoring, training and audit. We actively facilitate personal growth – happy, motivated and empowered staff are the key to business success. Because our people are rewarded against their own personal results, they realise that their success, the success of the business as a whole and the success of our clients are firmly linked together.

What We Can Offer You:
  • World-class operations and capabilities. We can fulfil your requirements from design to delivery, ensuring 100% quality at every stage of the process.

  • A direct dial number to the person actually building your units – no more phone calls to half a dozen different people, no more ‘I think the goods are in the test department, I’ll find out and let you know…’ – you get the information you need, right now.

  • Superb levels of quality. Our staff are personally involved in every stage of manufacture. They take responsibility for getting it right and they are measured, on an individual basis, against the performance our clients demand.

  • Market-leading levels of ‘On Time In Full’ delivery. We measure ourselves every month against a company target of 100%. If we achieve 99.9% we have failed.

  • Ultra-competitive price levels, the result of the productivity improvements and overhead reductions that result from our removal of job functions and our application of lean principles across the entire business.

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