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Whatever your requirements from a switch, we have the experience and expertise to deliver.

Our proven high quality range includes:

  • Illuminated IPBs

  • Bespoke Legends

  • Up to four lighting sectors


  • Night Vision Versions


  • Various Sizes Including Bespoke


  • Connection Options Available


  • Drip and Splash Protection


  • EMC Sealing Available


  • Modifications and Upgrades


  • Repairs


  • Refurbishment


  • Reverse Engineering

Matt Black Systems-018.jpg

Matt Black Systems provides illuminated push button switches (IPBs) cost effectively with market leading lead-times, without compromise on functionality or reliability.

Each of our products has options for Night Vision versions, various sizes including bespoke, EMC sealing and various connection choices. Furthermore, our in-house testing has demonstrated electrical and mechanical reliability of more than 1,000,000 cycles at full load. Our laser etching capabilities allow for a wide flexibility of legends, including Cyrillic text.

Our design team can integrate switches into panels and keyboards, whether for new builds or refurbishment work. We also undertake reverse engineering, and obsolescence re-design, providing simple solutions to difficult sourcing problems.

For  IPBs, we can provide:

  • Flexible illumination, up to two zones per switch with any colour combinations.

  • Night Vision (NVIS/NVG) compatibility, conforming to MIL-STD-3009 and other special requirements.

  • Sunlight readability available to MIL-22885

  • Design in accordance with Mil-S-8805

  • Flip covers and finger guards

  • Short-barrel versions, for use where space is at a premium

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