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At Matt Black systems we take design for manufacturing seriously…


You can benefit from our extensive experience of over 45 years in design and development of a broad range of products. We provide design for manufacturing of man-machine interfaces and illumination products, offering the highest level of commitment and innovation, whatever your requirements.

Be it a competitive edge in your own market sector, or simply a problem no-one else can solve, our design for manufacturing team will provide the solution you need.

Quality must be designed into a product from the very start and our approach is to work with clients to identify areas of risk at the outset, quantify them, and then eliminate them through a proven process of innovation, experimentation and prototyping.

Our extensive experience across an array of market sectors allows us to offer unparalleled expertise in the utilisation of a wide range of technologies, including:


  • Night Vision compatibility

  • EMC shielding

  • Secret-Til-Lit indication

  • Sunlight readability

  • Electro-luminescence

  • Dimming methods

  • Reverse engineering, conversions and upgrades

  • Full ruggedisation against extreme mis-use

  • Sealing against fluids and dust to up to NBC standards

  • Shock, contamination and environmental protection

Matt Black Systems-015.jpg

Our Capabilities for full mechanical and electronic designs:

An integrated approach – based upon 3D parametric solid modelling – creation of stunning visuals – comprehensive engineering data.

Whether for a single unit or mass production, we create first-class solutions through persistent innovation, continuous development technologies and a service that is second to none.

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