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CNC Machining

Matt Black Systems offers the highest quality CNC machining with the shortest lead times. We have on-site axis milling machines capable of machining a variety of materials to suit your needs. 

Our capabilities use sophisticated software that enables us to take a range of CAD files, both in 2D and 3D, and convert them ready for CNC machining. Our facility allows us to effectively complete all orders, from a single unit to mass production, whilst keeping quality high and development costs low. 

Our software enables us to make alterations to parts and the design, meaning that our processes are lean and nimble. This enables us to provide you with low–cost, high–quality products. We will also work in collaboration with you throughout the design and manufacture process, ensuring that we produce the most effective solution for you. 

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What is CNC Machining? 


For many bespoke projects, components and parts are assembled using cutting-edge CNC machining equipment. Computer Numerical Control machining is vastly superior to conventional machining, capable of controlling multiple processes with a greater degree of speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Specialist computers programmed with a specific CNC machine language (G-Code) drive the process, allowing for precise control over speed, location, coordinate, feed rate, etc. 


Just a single operator can command a machine to carry out the work of multiple operators on lathes, grinders, routers, mills, and shapers. Not only does this cut down on manpower but greatly improves productivity and output. 


This highly cost-effective process lets companies, such as ours, take on incredibly complex customer requirements. And such capabilities enable us to deliver on project deadlines without keeping the customer waiting around for components and parts to materialise. As mentioned above, we offer the shortest lead times in the industry. 

Benefits of CNC Machining 


There are many advantages to using CNC machines that translate to shorter lead times and cheaper production costs; savings which can be passed onto the client. A few of these benefits include: 

  • Round-the-Clock Performance 

  • High Production and Scalability 

  • Reduced Manpower 

  • Uniform Results 

  • Improved Safety 

  • Design Retention 

  • Versatility 

CNC machines don’t need to be powered down except for maintenance and repairs. They can work round-the-clock, never needing to take a break, eat, go to the toilet, or sleep. And they can maintain high levels of precision without faltering or exhibiting human error. Once design parameters have been set, production can be scaled up or down as needed. 


Because of the automated nature of CNC machines, all you require is one person to programme the parameters, and another to operate the process. And together, they can provide consistent, uniform results that can’t be replicated even by the most experienced engineer. 


With conventional machining, the operators are in close proximity with the lathes, drills, punches, and other tools that make up the production line. But with CNC machines, they are at a greater distance, and so, safety is vastly improved. This translates to zero delays as a result of production being shut down to deal with an accident on the line. 


If there’s a design that your company is eager to keep hold of, this is yet another area where CNC machines shine. Once a design has been loaded into the programme and a prototype produced, the design can be quickly called up if needed. No external factors will affect the design, and there’s no need to keep physical backups. 


Finally, the versatility of CNC machines cannot be overstated. Regardless of what product you require, CNC machines can build it. These machines can even be adapted with specialist features that increase their versatility even further. 

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Other Advantages 


Some additional advantages not mentioned above include lower costs. Naturally, the collective result of high speed, efficiency, specialisation, precision, and reduced labour costs will translate to massive savings across the board. For this reason, our prices are and always will be ultra-competitive. And as you do not have to worry about human error, there are bound to be considerably fewer mistakes, if any, that could drive the cost up. 


With CNC machines, we’ll always be in a position to provide customers with exactly what they want, matching their precise specifications, and all at a price point that won’t exceed any budgets. 

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