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Finding the right knob is crucial to give the correct tactile feel and professional appearance for any unit. And yet, finding just the right profile and size (and an acceptable lead-time) can be frustratingly difficult.

You need search no longer…

We have developed our own, innovative in-house moulding process that allows us to create small quantities of standard or bespoke designs at off-the-shelf prices. By designing this process with simplicity in mind, we can also offer market-beating lead times.

At Matt Black Systems we not only develop new designs, but also offer a reverse engineering service. We can also integrate surprisingly affordable full NVIS compatibility.

Our in-house painting and laser engraving services allow wide flexibility of legends. We can even paint and engrave free issued knobs if required.

Matt Black Systems-016.jpg

Our range of capabilities covers:

  • Illuminated and non-illuminated designs.

  • Illuminated designs suitable for LED, filament or electro-luminescent (EL) sources, designed in accordance with SAE-AS7788 (formerly MIL-P-7788).

  • Night Vision (NVIS/NVG) compatibility available, conforming to MIL-STD-3009 and other special requirements.

  • Aluminium, polycarbonate and Acrylic and Epoxy materials.

  • Insert moulding of metal threads and mounting points.

  • Wide flexibility of hard-wearing legends, including Cyrillic text, among others.

  • Painting to a variety of military and aerospace standards, such as Def Stan 80-161.

We have proven experience in providing exactly the right knob time and time again, which can be found in service in (among others) Vanguard and Trafalgar class nuclear submarines, the E2C Hawkeye reconnaissance aircraft, the Sukhoi SU25 ground attack aircraft and various Westland helicopters.

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