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Aerospace Engineering

Have you recently been searching to try and find high-quality aerospace products? Look no further than Matt Black Systems for well-made aerospace engineering that is created to your specific requirements. Our aerospace engineering team will fabricate and supply every single piece of aerospace merchandise that you could require for all air, sea and land applications.


Engineering aerospace products


Aerospace engineering refers to the research, science, technology, design, development, construction, and testing of aircraft. At Matt Black Systems, we specialise in the manufacturing of products that are used within the development of an aircraft; such as an aeroplane or hovercraft. All of the products that we create for our customers are measured against strict targets; including quality, cost, innovation, growth, and the relationship developed with the client.


So, if you need help with engineering aerospace components to meet your production quotas, look no further than Matt Black Systems. To find out more, read on below.


What can Matt Black Systems do for you?


At Matt Black Systems, our professional team of aerospace engineers are exceptionally skilled in engineering aerospace products that are used in a wide range of applications. Our team endeavour to stay up-to-date with the latest aerospace engineering techniques, technology and equipment on the market, to make sure we always stay ahead of our competitor’s standard of work.


Below is a list of some of the aerospace engineering products that our team will create for you to the highest standard. If you do not see the item that you require on the list, please don’t hesitate to contact Matt Black Systems today, and we will work with you to fulfil your engineering aerospace requirements:


Advantages of using an original equipment manufacturer


You may be wondering about the benefits of using an original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, to assist with engineering aerospace products. To explain such an arrangement is more beneficial to you in the long-run, we’ve outlined a few benefits below.

Shorter lead times


While engineering aerospace products in-house might sound simple enough, it actually places a huge drain on your available resources. Unless you make a considerable investment, you likely won’t be able to output at the same capacity as a dedicated OEM could. By choosing Matt Black Systems, you’ll free up valuable resources while ensuring the shortest lead time – no matter the project size or complexity.



Handling your own aerospace engineering necessitates that you hire and train your own dedicated team. This might sound like the cheaper option, but once you factor in all the costs involved, it is anything but. At Matt Black Systems, our company provides ultra-lean, streamlined services that guarantee the lowest prices in the industry. You save money on paying salaries and benefits and still receive great quality products.

Exceptional results

The quality of your products is only ever as good as the team that manufactures them. Here at Matt Black Systems, we have made engineering aerospace components our life’s work and are committed to honing out craft. Without the distractions faced by most other companies, we are free to focus on fulfilling your expectations of us.

We also have access to the most cutting-edge equipment around, which when combined with our specialist training guarantees exceptional results!

Bespoke order sizes

At Matt Black Systems, our aerospace engineering professionals are equipped to handle orders of all sizes. Whether you require a handful or a hundred components, our team will adapt effortlessly to meet the demand. The beauty here is that our equipment, infrastructure and well-trained team are already in place. We’re ready to go from the moment you place your first order with us.

Efficient time management

Often companies will attempt to divide their resources with a percentage of their team tied up with engineering aerospace components. We feel that this is an inefficient use of time that could be better spent on the more essential areas of your business. With our aerospace engineering company at your side, you’ll be free to enjoy the benefits of more efficient time management and increased productivity.


Why choose our aerospace engineering company?


Matt Black Systems has been the leading independent specialist in aerospace engineering since our launch in 1971. During our time in the aerospace engineering industry, we have fabricated hundreds of products for organisations in the defence, security and simulation industries, as well as for aerospace companies.


Our experience working within the military and commercial sectors proves how trustworthy and reputable Matt Black Systems is, and that any product you require will be perfectly fabricated by our aerospace engineers.


Our team of engineers will work with you to create bespoke aerospace products that fit all of your necessary criteria and are built to your exact measurement requirements. The aerospace engineering that we complete is designed and fabricated in our extensive warehouse. We use the very best equipment, tools and technology available on the market, which allows us to create intricate and detailed engineering products; no job is ever too difficult for our engineers to fabricate.


Every piece of aerospace engineering that we complete is rigorously tested and inspected multiple times to ensure it will withstand all elements that it will come into contact with once we have dispatched it to your company. When you want aerospace engineering experts, use the best in the business with Matt Black Systems.


Contact Matt Black Systems today


So when you require the best aerospace engineering work completed to an exceptional standard, make sure you contact Matt Black Systems. Contact us today on 01202 731731 and you will receive aerospace engineering products that have been fabricated especially for your company.

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