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Cockpit Panels

Do you need a state of the art cockpit panel for your new plane? Or perhaps you require an upgrade of your current model with the latest technology? Whatever your aerospace needs, you have come to the right place. Here at Matt Black Systems, we are experts in the design and manufacture of components for aerospace applications. Contact one of our specialists today on 01202 731731 to discuss your requirements.


The leading designer and manufacturer of cockpit panels


Since 1971 we have been developing a diverse range of integrated aerospace applications for customers by focusing on innovation, professionalism and the very latest technology. From an illuminated cockpit panel to bespoke interior lighting systems, we endeavour to equip your plane or helicopter with the finest mechanisms.


With regards to our aerospace components, you have the choice of choosing from our catalogue of products such as our switches and knobs, or you can opt for a bespoke design and manufacture solution for cockpit panels and lighting systems for example.


Our capabilities


We understand that when you commission a cockpit panel, you are looking for superior quality and cutting-edge design. At Matt Black Systems, we undertake a variety of capabilities to ensure that we provide you with a product you can be proud of. These capabilities include the following:


  • Design using 3D CAD modelling software







Our commitment to innovation


As well as leading capabilities, when it comes to the design and manufacture of cockpit panels, you can count on our motivated workforce to deliver the finest products possible. We guarantee 100% quality at every stage of the process due to our unique approach to engineering ground-breaking components for aerospace applications.


Each of our team members is highly-trained and qualified to advise on all elements of the process. What’s more, should you need to contact Matt Black Systems regarding your project, you will always be able to gain the relevant information as we will provide you with a direct number to the specialist responsible for building your cockpit panels, keyboards and switch systems etc.


Due to our efficient nature of business, you can count on our experts to manufacture your bespoke cockpit panel or advanced lighting system in a fast and accurate manner. Furthermore, we are our own harshest critic so you can rest assured that we measure ourselves each month against a business target of 100%. If we achieve 99.9% for quality, service and customer satisfaction – we have not succeeded. There is no room for error in our bid to remain as the best in the industry.


In addition to superior quality, we appreciate that you are looking for a revolutionary product at the best possible price. All of our tailored aerospace products including cock pit panels and lighting connections, are ultra-competitive when it comes to their cost. Our commitment to a streamlined process teamed with our pledge to reduce overhead costs, allows us to pass savings onto our clients.


Benefits of choosing Matt Black Systems to design and manufacture your cockpit panel


For more than 40 years we have been delivering world-class engineering solutions right through from the initial concept to delivery. It is our mission to design everything from cockpit panels, to comprehensive night vision and even full refurbishments.


Our team of experts based at our purpose built 10,000sq ft facility in Poole, are dedicated to a culture of innovation and customer satisfaction. Moreover, we aim to stand out in the market by offering a unique complimentary advisory service on product development for all components such as a cockpit panel. On top of this, we have a wealth of knowledge in the industry, meaning that we can provide you with impartial advice when you are tasked with balancing the benefits of a refurbishment with an obsolescence product replacement.


Finally, our innovative aerospace applications, such as cockpit panels and operating switches, is just the beginning of our unsurpassed expertise. We are also at the forefront of technology when it comes to the designing and manufacturing of products across the following sectors:




  • Automotive


  • Rail


  • Medical systems



Contact us


If you are in search of a company to design and fabricate an innovative cockpit panel for your fleet of planes or helicopters, get in touch with Matt Black Systems. Call 01202 731731 for your bespoke quote today.

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