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Illuminated Panels

Are you looking for an illuminated panels appliance from a company who are widely regarded as pioneers in the field? Then you need look no further than Matt Black Systems. We have over 45 years of experience using only the most qualified experts in aerospace engineering.


The leading illuminated panels experts 


As a company, we take pride in being at the forefront of technological advancements and delivering our services to illuminated panels at the highest degree possible. Our experts are able to deliver a world-class service with absolute precision, to ensure that any clients’ request is addressed.


We are renowned as being innovators in the field and are constantly developing new methodological and technological approaches towards illuminated panels.  All of our technicians are trained in-house to ensure that every task can be executed using the most current and up to date technology.


Our services to illuminated panels are second to none, offering a comprehensive coverage that incudes the design, manufacture and application process for all new build and modification projects. Our illuminated and non-illuminated control panels are design to present a sleek and modern finish in order to stay far ahead of the competition.


We provide a full in-house design and manufacture process for our illuminated panels service. Some of the addition details include enhancements to mood lighting and special effects. All of our illuminated panel products are applied with a built in temperature management system to ensure that the product works to its full capacity


Our technicians offer a proactive approach to both the design and manufacturing process when addressing a clients’ needs relating to illuminated panels.  We run point on creating an in-house design that is both cost effective and time efficient.


Additional details on illuminated panels


Even after your illuminated panels are installed to the highest possible standard and quality, our technicians are on call to provide a first class maintenance service that is dedicated to providing full system support as well as expert technological advice to illuminated panels.


From the initial concept design phase right up to the manufacturing and installation of the illuminated panels project, our experts ensure that all elements are completed accurately within the shortest time frame possible.


Our project processes are driven by a cost effective mentality. We ensure that maximum results are delivered in the most financially friendly manner. As a business, we that are able to achieve this through lean culture that is applied to all of our illuminated panels services.


Why we are the primary choice for aerospace engineering


Not just do we consider our services to be the absolute best but we are innovators in the field of and are constantly seeking new ways to enhance the design, manufacturing and application process. This enables us to deliver an illuminated panels product to the highest degree to clients that span the world.


We apply our 30 years of intensive experience to aerospace engineering for every product we deliver. Our illuminated panels and other engineering services are considering the first choice for the military and have been used to assist land, sea and air vehicles


Contact us


Contact Matt Black Systems today on 01202 731731 or email: to receive an impeccable service from the world’s best producer of illuminated panels.

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