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News - Avionic Control Panels

A Swiss Helicopter company engaged the services of Matt Black Systems to design and manufacture the bespoke avionic control panels for their all new, state of the art single turbine helicopter.

Each control panel is a Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) which means they are ‘plug and play’ and easily installed into the cockpit using D38999 connectors and ¼ turn fasteners.

With space and weight key considerations each control panel was designed to meet the required performance criteria using an innovative open box design with 90 degree mounting of the interface connectors.

Key Features,

  • A custom designed micro ENGINE run switch which locks in the run position with ‘pull to off’ function.

  • Our own integrated LED lit pushbutton switch which greatly reduced the piece part cost of each control panel.

  • Integrated power control circuits enabling 12-32VDC variable input from both the helicopter power and battery supplies.

  • Modular design to incorporate options such as Generator 2, Cargo Hook, Air Conditioning and NVIS functionality depending on the intended end use of the helicopter.

A full Data Requirements List (DRL) was supplied with each control panel including an Interface Control Document (ICD), Declaration of Design & Performance (DDP), Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) and Reliability Predictions (MTBF).

For EASA type approval for flight and onward serial production full qualification testing will be performed in accordance with RTCA/DO-160G.


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